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So you have somehow managed to stumble across my webpage. Well well well... I am sure if you know me, you were expecting something extravagant, or elegant, or girly, or sparkly..... and in all honesty so was I. But the more I got started on this page and played around with colors, this is just what came out so maybe somewhere down the road, I will girly it up a bit, and put the whole page in my favorite color. Purple. But until then, you'll just have to enjoy the SPICY colors I have used so far.

Basically the whole point of this site is just for people to be kept up with whats going on with me, or just get to know me if you don't already. I don't have a lot of interesting stuff that goes on in my life but hell, i have to spend my free time doing something right? I mean, i have no boyfriend, and I have sadly drifted away from all my close friends. (college and whatnot) So i figure i will spend my time focusing on a person i see all the time. ME!

So wander around the page a little bit and see what you can find of some sort of interest to you, and let me know what you think by sending me and email. And if by the time you read this, I have a guest book, sign it.... Please and Thank You.