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Hayden Haven


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Check out Hayden on the cover of Entertainment Weekly! The NEW SITE is UP!!! Check it out!!

Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR View My Guestbook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REMINDER: I'm NOT Hayden, nor do I have any contact with him or the cast (I WISH) I'm just another fan like you! BUT if you want to talk to Hayden or any of the other cast members, then you can check out my "contacts" section. THANKS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEY, Just to let you guys know.. HAYDEN IS SINGLE.. but from what I've read, he's not looking.. supposedly he is working on his career... THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL.. he could have a girlfriend, but if he does, I haven't heard anything about her.. GOOD LUCK LADIES!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ According to the polls, you guys think it's a good idea to update. HOWEVER, so I don't piss anyone off, I am going to make a WHOLE NEW SITE. It's going to be about HIGHER GROUND and the WHOLE CAST. I am working on it right now, so be pacient. Thank you!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of the new Hayden Pictures that I am getting will go into the new Higher Ground Site I am in the middle of making right now.. because I can put WAY more pictures with that server.. so all of the hott pics of him will be up there, under his PROFILE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm SO SORRY that I haven't been updating as much. You guys have to bear with me. I am working on a whole new site, about Higher Ground. Plus I am thinking about another site just for Hayden. I want to try out geocites. Anyway, thanks for being pacient. THANKS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update- June, 29th 2000-- Hey, I am so sorry for not updating for almost two weeks. I have had problems with my SN, it got deleted. Therefore I haven't been able to update either one of my sites. I am so sorry. If any of you have any news or info on Hayden that I missed then please e-mail me. I am sorry if you tried to e-mail me before and you couldn't get me. I would really appreciate it if there was some new news about HC.. thank you so much for being cooperative. I'm sincerely sorry.