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Hayden as Anakin??

Hey, I have received tons of e-mails saying that Hayden has been casted for the role of Anakin Skywalker in the new Star Wars: Episodes II & III movies, supposedly bing filmed this summer in Australia. If this is so, Hayden's popularity level will shoot through the roof, and practically everyone will know who he is! There are some links below, that I have recieved through e-mail that have articles and little tid-bits of information on the casting. Obviously Hayden made an impression when he auditioned for the part. The casting agents apparently liked his chemistry with Natilie Portman who plays as Queen Amadala. I am very thrilled to hear about Hayden's new role. I think that it is great how is he moving up with his career. And thanks to all the people that sent me the wonderful news! GOOD LUCK HAYDEN!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!Hayden was casted to play Anakin Skywalker on the upcomming Star Wars movies. YAY!!!! Good luck HAYDEN!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the NEW HAYDEN PICS section, there are pictures of him as Anakin Skywalker.

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