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Hey, this is the Biography of Hayden Christensen. Check it out!

Hi, we don't know much about Hayden, but he did star in several made-for-TV movies and guess-starred in "Are you afriad of the dark" "The Famous Jett Jackson"; "Goosebumps" and "Forever Knight"He was also seen in Fox Family Channel's original film "Freefall". Christensen's other credits include the feature films In the "Mouth of Madness", directed by John Carpenter, Sophia Coppola's acclaimed "The Virgin Suicides", as well as the telefilms "Purple Haze" and "No Greater Love."

I have read in many different websites, that HAYDEN IS SINGLE.. but right now he isn't really looking, I guess he's focusing on his career.. this IS NOT OFFICIAL.. he MAY have a girlfriend, but if he does I haven't heard anything about HOPEFULLY what the websites are saying is true and Hayden is single.

I was just surfing around the web and I found some info on Hayden that I might of missed here but here is what I found.... He is the third of four children.... He has an older bro. named Tove (27)... An older sister Hejsa (25) and a younger sis. Kaylen (15)...He co owns a production company w/ his bro. He has been acting since seven and right now he lives in an apartment in LA with Tove. If you have any info on Hayden, then please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks.

August 17th 2000--Well there is some new news! Hayden is reportedly NOT SINGLE ANYMORE!! AHHHHH!! what are we gonna do? He is supposedly seeing Natalie Portman and they met through Star Wars. Well I think they are kinda cute together.. but hey.. I wish it was me!