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Hrithik's Wedding to Suzanne

It's happened. Hrithik has finally got married to Suzanne! "There will be no heartburn", he said with a laugh. "They (the fans) are my well-wishers. They will continue to wish me luck and success. They will wish me the best", Hrithik said flanked by father Rakesh Roshan and father-in-law Sanjay Khan.

A total family affair, the marriage at the Golden Palms Avenue was attended by only about 70 close family members and friends. The guests included Dimple Kapadia, Rishi and Randhir Kapoor and Jitendra. Uday Chopra, director Karan Johar and childhood friend Abhishek Bachchan are expected to join the reception on Wednesday evening. A number of star guests who were expected at the wedding including Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan did not land up for the wedding.

The Wedding Venue

Hrithik's mode of transport to his wedding was a white horse, which arrived in a truck on Wednesday afternoon. Sanjay Khan said the Hindu and Muslim ceremonies would culminate in a registered marriage slated for this evening. "I and Rakesh Roshan have decided to hold a grand reception for the film industry and the media at Mumbai in January end".

Rakesh Roshan said the couple would fly to Europe for their honeymoon. "We are still planning it", Hrithik added.

"It feels good", Hrithik said about his marriage. "But I feel I am very tired".

Hrithik looks elated at the prospect of marriage!

And is he nervous? "Should i be?" Hrithik posed a counter-question. "It's my first (wedding)", he joked. He wore a Jodhpuri suit, designed by Rocky S, at the official (registered) marriage, but bride Suzanne's dress has been kept a surprise. "I am not supposed to see her".

Security was tight at the resort, apparently in view of the reported threats to the lives of Rakesh and Hrithik from the underworld.

The two families have decided that the wedding would be a discreet affair. From the film industry, besides Sanjay Khan's brothers and their families, Jeetendra and Rishi Kapoor have been invited for the occasion.

Suzanne is daughter of Sanjay Khan and cousin of Fardeen Khan and is obviously the love of Duggu’s life. From all of us at Gorge Guyz 2000 we’d like to wish Hrithik and Suzanne all the best for the future. Congrats to you!

Stories of Hrithik's impending marriage had been circulating for many weeks, but the star and his family were unwilling to confirm the date for various reasons. The date was finally confirmed on Monday when the star and and other members of the two families flew flew out of Mumbai, destination Bangalore. All the ceremonies are being held at Bangalore. Suzanne's uncle, Feroze Khan, held a party on Monday night while the mehndi and sangeet ceremonies are scheduled for tonight. According to my sources, as Suzanne is muslim, the NIKAH will be performed first, followed by the hindu customs. The wedding is taking place on December 20th in Bangalore. Hrithik arrived there today and his father will arrive their on the day.

Take a look at these Mehndi Pictures!

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna, Dolhi saja ke Rakhna

The mehndi function took place in the afternoon and the Gujarati beautician from Bombay Vina Nagada was specially flown in. She applied the most delicate and intricate design on Suzanne's white as milk hands and legs.

Vinaben had been told earlier that the design shouldn't have any figures anywhere in keeping with the traditional Muslim form of mehndi where only flower and kairee motifs are used for the patterns. After the bride it was the groom's turn. And the groom's ma-in-law Zarine Khan excitedly rejoined that she would be the first one to apply mehndi to her son-in-law. She drew H for Hrithik and S for Suzanne on Hrithik's palm with the mehndi cone. How sweet!


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