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gentle D/s hosts a chat room on


We warmly invite Y/you A/all to come and join us there.

  • For information how to reach the room via IRC, please look at the bottom of the page.
  • For information on the room and some help please click here.

About #The_gentle_D/s_Palace: 
The room was founded in September 1999 on by MasterSJ{ca} and His charming-angel{MSJ}. From the beginning this room was a meeting place for everyone interested in the aspect of gentle and caring D/s, which is also stated in the room topic:

"Welcome A/all to gentle D/s and chat, fun & our tub
>> NO scening + NO pm without permission + NO trolling <<
... all subs have protection in this room"

There are some rules for #The_gentle_D/s_Palace, which are quite simple, but
please take a moment to have a look at them so Y/you enjoy Y/your stay.

  1. "A/all in the room are treated with respect"
  2. "NO scening permitted or tolerated at any time"
  3. "all subbies have protection in the room"
  4. "NO permission needed to enter or leave"
  5. "NO pm's without permission asked first in the room"
  6. "zero tolerance for driveby"

Besides me and my angel there are more friendly channel operators in the channel,
which look after the room and host O/our guests, and will kindly help if it is necessary:

  • unfortunately currently none

There is no list of channel regulars at the moment, but since T/they are part of the family in O/our room, T/they will in the same kindful way make you feel comfortable.

  • For some more help please have a look at O/our help page.

If your browser supports Java, you can directly come to our chat room, 
just click on the room name above or on the one here #The_gentle_D/s_Palace (yes, it is that easy :)). 

Nevertheless, we highly recommend to use one of the programs listed below, 
because the Java interface is rather restricted and not really appropriate for a frequent use. 

You might want to have a look at an IRC client like: 

Once the application is installed add to the connection list, choose a nick and Y/you connect directly to the server using a port in the range 6660 to 6669. 
Being connected Y/you just type in /join #The_gentle_D/s_Palace to come to our room.

An introduction to IRC can be found here, some help on O/our room and is available here.