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The Fisheye Shrine

I built this shrine because there are not enough pictures of Fisheye on the web. Try doing a search. You get all these wierd other things instead. I was discussing this with one of my friends. Both of us love Fisheye and we both felt that he need more recognition. She said that she had lots of pictures of Fisheye, but didn't know how to put them up. I said that I would, and she sent me her disks and the Fisheye shrine was born.

Why do I like Fisheye so dang much? He is tied with Nuriko for best Transvestite. I mean, this guy is GOOD! If you just randomly walked in while he was wearing a dress and lipstick, you would have no idea that what you are looking at is male. He is a hilarious touch to an otherwise bad series. (I didn't like SuperS that much.)

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