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Last weekend, I finally got to collect on my long awaited Christmas presents from my girlfriend, Shonna, and her family. We went to NYC for the weekend and saw The Phantom of the Opera and the revival of Sweeney Todd.

I was pretty excited about both shows. I know a lot of young may cringe a bit at Phantom and I know it’s not cool to like anything by Andy Lloyd Webber that doesn’t start with a "J", but I actually like Phantom and I don’t care what you think of me for it! I’ve loved it since I was a kid! Why wouldn’t I? I mean, it’s got a dude with a mask that runs around killing people in the most amusing ways…..that sounds like the basic story to many of my favorite movies!

Anyway, it was a historic time for Phantom as it became the longest running show on B’way earlier in the week. Shonna spent a damn good amount of money on our tickets.

Such a good amount that I figured we must be orchestra level. "No", Shonna said, "But I think we’re first row balcony." Ok, first row, first balcony. Not too shabby. And, hey, this is B’way, so you have to expect high ticket prices. Well, actually we were about 4 rows back in the top balcony! Now, I’m not really complaining about the seats. They were comfortable and we could see everything fine, but for the price Shonna paid for them, The Phantom should have come out and thanked her personally for buying them! By the way…the show has been running forever and this was a matinee, so you might think it wouldn’t be to crowded. Guess again! It appeared to be sold out. So much for all you Phantom haters out there!

After Phantom got out, we had about three and a half hours to kill until the days main event, Sweeney Todd. Looking around the Time Squares shops got old real quick and over priced shitty pizza doesn’t take long enough to eat. So, how do you kill three hours on a rainy, miserable NYC afternoon? How about a trip to the wax museum!

The tickets were overpriced by about $10, but walking around in the comfort of the wax museum seemed like a much better option than braving the storm outside. Now, I’ve been to Madame Tussaud’s in London a couple times, so I pretty much knew what to expect, but Shonna had never been to a wax museum. I knew she didn’t enjoy it, I would be blamed and I would never hear the end of it. Happily, she did enjoy it. We killed time by taking stupid pictures with just about all of the wax figures. Actually, by the time we finished the tour and did a little karaoke in the American Idol section, we had killed the exact right amount of time and it was off to see Sweeney! Click here to read my thoughts on the new Sweeney Todd .