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*Deidre Hall's Beauty Secrets!*

Wow! Days of Our Lives diva Deidre Hall looks every bit as lovely as she did when she took the role of Dr. Marlena Evans on the NBC soap 14 years ago - and her beauty regimen is simple.

Amazingly, the 5-foot-8, 126-pound blonde has always believed that a little self-indulgence does the trick when it comes to staying slim and trim!

"I don't want to live in the serious deprivation necessary to be ultra-thin," declares Deidre, 52. "I just watch what I eat to feel good, and it keeps me in decent camera shape."

Breakfast is a handful of vitamins and a protein drink. Lunch at the NBC commissary is a salad or some chicken and a veggie. And dinner with hubby Steve Sohmer and their two sons, David, 7, and Chapin, 5, who were carried by a surrogate mother, is simple but not skimpy.

"We do salad, protein and vegetables," says Deidre. "Sometimes we have a pre-fab roast or chicken dish from Costco. I'll stock up on a few of those and pop them in the oven. They're fabulous."

And while the slender soap star keeps cantaloupe and watermelon in the fridge for treats, she admits that she sometimes sneaks into the kitchen for a midnight snack of chocolate chip macaroon cookies or chocolate covered nougat.

But the moment she gains a pound or two, she makes up for these tasty excesses by cutting back on munchies and working out to her 20-minute Tae-Bo kick-boxing tape.

"It's a fun, easy workout," says Deidre. "You don't get exhausted but it hits all the parts of the body that women want to hit - arms, waist, inner and outer thighs and fanny area. It's everything you need!"

And how does she keep her golden locks looking so lucious? Hairpieces!

"If my husband and I go out for a romantic dinner or with friends, I'll save time by throwing on a crown piece," she reveals.

"People are always surprised that I wear hairpieces, and I'm surprised they're surprised!"

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