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Read the description and click on the link to hear Dee's *deelicious* voice!!!

Marlena is talking to Stefano...M: The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. S: Samuel Johnson
M: Divenchi

Kissing You Did Nothing For Me

Do I have to listen to this, it's making me ill

I love you so much, it's just ridiculous, YEEHA

Yo babe, I'm sure

Are you going to take advantage of me..please?

Oh all right, let's do that

(giggle) Oh I could just bite your face off

What did you think I was posessed? BOO!

Call heaven, there's an angel missing...

Oh man!

I think it's a lovely idea...I'm not doing it no

MarDevil laugh (scary!)

You sound like a mad woman

This will be the worst night of your life...C-ya soon

Dee's yummy laugh

Hi sailor

Let me out of here you Bitch!

Uh, no

Talking about Tully's middle name on Leeza

I must be having my period (LMAO)

***More Sounds to come!!!***