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Dee Facts

Deidre went to Lake Worth HS in Florida, where she played in the band.

When the scenes during Marlena's possession were taped, Deidre's voice was mechanically altered live during the taping, that is why during the whole possession, you may have noticed that nobody spoke immediately before or after the devil (Marlena).

Deidre's twin sister, Andrea Gengler, was teacher of the year at Princess Anne Middle school (she taught the handicap kids and drama). She also played Marlena's twin sister on the show (Samantha)and made an appearence in the tv movie about Deidra Halls real life story.

At the age of 12, Deidre was crowned Junior Orange Bowl Queen.

Deidre married Steve Shomer on December 31, 1991.

Deidre studied Psycology and to work her way in school she used to model.

Deidre's Birthday is on October 31, 1947.

Dee also never knew she is going to be an actress. When she was a child she wanted to be a hairdresser and when she got older she studied to become a pyscologist. She became a model only because she needed to pay for college and than she soon became a world known actress.

Full name: Deidre Ann Hall

Deidre is 5'7 and has Hazel eyes.

Deidre's Children: David Atticus Sohmer, born August 23, 1992 & Tully Chapin Sohmer, born January 19, 1995.

Deidre and her husband also have a huge house in England. It's more like a castle.

Deidre was married twice before she married Steve. She was married to Keith Barbour between 1972-1977 and after him she was married to Mike Dubelko.

Fabulously fit Deidre keeps in shape by working out with a trainer who comes to her house about four days a week. Remarkably, the actress is still able to fit into the size-eight wardrobe she wore when she first appeared on Days back in 1976.

Among her professional role models, Dee includes Bette Davis and those grande dames of that period. They were so well trained, and those movies were so full of drama, flair, melodrama, she raves.

Dee collects the answering machine messages her sons leave her when they call her at work. "you can hear the progression of their ages, emotions, where they are in their lives," she says.

Dee recalls the carefree simplicity of her early days in L.A., when she shared a one-bedroom apartment with a friend and spent her free time going to the movies, reading and playing Hearts. "It was a great time," she says. "Nobody was compromised; life wasnt scary."

Dee's Favorite Color: Pink

Dee's Foreign Place she'd Most Like to Visit: Africa.

Deidre Loves animals. She has Freckles, the Basset; Peeps and Percy, the housecats; and Dennis, the squirrel.

Deidre has 4 brothers and sisters, including her twin sister and her retarded brother.

Deidre's husband, Steve, has a daugther from former marrige. Her name is Lisa. That makes Dee a step mother of a young woman.

Deidre is very talented and creative - She has her own line of Jewelry, She is an excellent photographer and a brilliant cook. She is also very good with her hand and does an amazing creative cards and gifts.

Robin, the surrogate mother of Dee's children, had another baby to a different couple after she made David and before she made Tully.

Deidre lived in Bel-Air, California.

Deidre was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but was raised in Florida.

Deidre originally turned down the role of Marlena, thinking that there must have been a reason that everyone else had turned down the role. It was a few months later that the role was offered to her again. Days made it clear that they wanted her and only her for the role, so she came on board.

Deidre was once a disc jockey at an all-women radio station while college in Florida.

Dee once auditioned for the role of Krystle Carrington on Dynasty, a role that eventually went to Linda Evans. Deidre also auditioned for a James Bond movie but her contractual obligations to Days prevented her from making the movie.

Dee's favorite perfume is Shalimar by Guerlain and has been for "nearly two decades." Dee says, "I mist my room when I leave for work so the scent will stay in the air for my little boys to smell."

In 1993, Deidre taped a talk show pilot for "The Deidre Hall Show." The show was backed by King World, who also distributes Oprah, but it wasn't picked up.

Dee was a heavy smoker at one time, but has not smoked in many years. She's now a perpetual gum chewer.

Dee was choosen to be a bond girl in the 70' but due to hr contract with Days she had to pass. How sad for us!!!

Dee is the only actress to win 4 'Best Actress' awards in a row by annual viewers poll.

Deidre Hall played in the 70' a part in "Night Gallery" and in the credits she was listed as Deidre Hudson. She used this last name because of some guy she had a crush on back then. It was the first time she was in credits. It is a very small, funny, not speaking part.

Deidre's husband call her CB as a private term of endearment.

Deidre's favorite music is Rock 'n' Roll or Country.

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