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More Dee Days

The first time I met Deidre was July 3, 1999 in Virginia Beach. It was so freaky walking into the Middle School where the event was being held. I had to wait around for awhile and then we finally got to go into the cafeteria where the event was. My friend and I saw a blonde figure and flipped out, thinking it was Deidre, but it was her twin Andrea. So anyway, we looked around the cafeteria at the things they were auctioning off and three cakes on a center table: One with Deidre in her wedding dress, one with Deidre and Drake cutting their wedding cake, and one that said John and Marlena, Together Forever July 3, 1999. After awhile they finally announced Deidre... it was so weird to see her coming out that it almost didn't seem real. For 4 years she was an fantasy, just someone who I watched on TV but in that moment she wasn't a fantasy, she was reality. It was so weird to see her actually standing before me, someone who I had idolized and loved. People started to ask her questions, some which I can't even remember because I was so fazed. After a while they started to show montages of the past year on Days. While they showed the Angel montage (based on Sami's execution) my best friend Tash and I were standing up and she walked by us. We were grabbing onto each other, like OMG OMG it's Deidre! Anyway, at one point, she kind of yelled at me and a few friends. She was talking to everyone and we were standing around talking about a few photos they were selling of Marlena in her wedding dress and she turned to us and said: Are you guys like having a meeting or something? It was actually kinda cute, lol. During one montage, I actually got up the nerve to speak to her. I had to tell her something really important and I was soooo nervous but she was sooo sweet! She totally cared and I even made her cry a little. She was so understanding and nice I loved it. At a later time we were all sitting and I raised my hand to ask a question. She looked at me and was like 'I know what you want,' so I was like 'How do you know?' so she mouthed to me 'The song' (The song John sang to her at their wedding) and I was so impressed she knew what I wanted, lol. Anyway, the day I met Deidre was soooo amazing, I will never forget it!