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*Deidre talks about her other cast members*

~From SOM~

Eileen Davidson

Eileen "head to toe" is one of the most beautiful people she's ever seen. "She's exquisite. Hair, eyes, teeth, nails, shape everything about her is beautiful. She's also incredibly talented." "Her comedic talent makes me laugh like no one else."

Suzanne Rogers

"Her physical beauty is apparent, but her inner beauty really shines from a deep spiritual place." "She's so generous with herself, nurturing and supporting her friends and co-stars. Her wonderful laugh makes me laugh right down to my toes. Such a yummy giggle!"

Mark Valley

"Mark has such a bad-boy quality to him!" "Such a feisty, irrverent, carefree way. On the set, you almost have to laugh just lookung at him, because you know he's going to do something any second. He's a saucy boy. It's as if he's going to get us all in trouble and we'll all end up in the principal's office. I think that audience sees that in him, too."