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Welcome to the Unofficial David Gunn Website, the first and (as far as I've been able to tell) only website about the little-known actor David Gunn.

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Biography: Added and corrected some info.
Gallery: Added a Behind the Scenes section in the "Vampire Journals" gallery with 4 new pics, added a Baby Pictures gallery with 3 new adorable baby pics, and added one new pic to the Miscellaneous gallery.

News & Rumors

According to the Official Fangoria Magazine Website, "The Convent" will be released on both on VHS and DVD special edition (A-Pix) on January 16, 2001.
"The Convent" is currently available to rent on tape and to buy on DVD in the United Kingdom. It will also be showing on Pay Per View in the U.K. in January of 2001.
The Motion Picture Association of America originally gave "The Convent" an "NC-17" rating, but director Mike Mendez cut 19 seconds of gore from the movie to get an "R" rating. However, rumor has it that the "Unrated" version is the one that will be released in the U.S., except at Blockbuster Movies and other companies that won't carry "NC-17" or unrated movies.
It's rumored that "The Convent" will be released theatrically this Fall in several European countries and the far east.

If you have any David Gunn news or info, please EMAIL ME! Info on David Gunn is slightly rare and difficult to find...any help is greatly appreciated :-)

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