Crispin Glover Articles

Film Comment November-December 1989

American Film January/February 1988

A brief blurb in Vanity Fair March 1990 issue

Rolling Stone February 8th, 1990

Entertainment Weekly A short discussion of the Crispin vs. Duckman case from the October 27th, 1995 issue

Stereo Review This April, 1990 article talks about Crispin's CD "The Big Problem Does Not = The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be."

An article about Crispin in the book Cult Movie Stars

An article from the Denver Post from February 28, 1997.

Article from December 1998 issue of Spin

Cover story from the March/April 1999 issue of Pop Smear

An article from the March 3, 1997 issue of the Tampa Tribune

Uncut version of the December 1998 Spin article. Special thanks to author Darius James for sending this in.

An article from the February 6, 1997 San Francisco Examiner

An article from the October 26, 1995 Toronto Star

An article from the May 20, 1994 issue of the Boston Globe