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Cherokee Spirit Security Consultants

Meredith Long & Christopher M. Cellinese
Security &V.I.P.Consultants for the Entertainment Industry
Cherokee Spirit Security Consultants
7170 N. Broadway; Box #47165
Gladstone, Mo. 64188


Welcome to our home page. Cherokee Spirit Security Consultants is a Native American owned Company. Together Chris and I have 44.5yrs in law enforcement with the Kansas City,Mo. Police Dept. In our career's we have worked on several movie productions that have been filmed in Kansas City such as Mr.& Mrs.Bridges, Article 99, Truman, Miss Missouri (foregin), and Kansas City. Our company's goal is to take our experiences in law enforcement and set/location security along with our ability to provide VIP services and build a company that can be used strictly for the entertainment industry. Please do not hesitate to call for any furthur information or any questions you may have. If needed we can arrange for a meeting on short notice. We are members of the First American in the Arts, an organization that recoginizes the outstanding achievment of Native American in the performing Arts. Our current project is Spirit Warriors a docu-drama about Native Americans and their involvement and sacrifices during WWII. This project is being produced by Eagle Spirit Productions, Exec.Producer Cheyenne Crane. You may contact Mrs.Crane for reference's at 850 South Rancho Drive,Suite 2141 Las Vegas,Nevada. 89106 Telephone/Fax (702)384-0253