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Hey there! Welcome to the new official kada homepage. If you have been a regular visitor.... there have been radical changes that was done. First, the guy profiles is no longer there.... few files have been missin (darn to chickpages!) and this site needs lotsa repair.

If you have any wonderful ideas to spice up this site... don't hesitate to email me (the webmaster). Btw, if ever you're a Theresian (Saint Theresa's College, Q.C.)or who knows a Thersian who graduated Batch 99... she can sign up in the Yahoo Groups. Simply refer this site to her and that's it.

If you wanna be a member of this site or be updated to what's new or what's hot. Maybe.... if you have this crush in one of our members.... please sign up in our Mailing List. Cya and have fun surfing!

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