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Exclusively for the Girls!!!

This is a quiz for the girls who among the guys suits you!!! No cheating please!!! :-)

1. You’re hanging out in France and in major starvation. What would you chow on?

a. Doritos

b. Nova

c. Lay’s

d. tuna sandwich

2. You’re totally bored. What are you most likely to do?

a. check out the playstation

b. play basketball

c. dance revo!!!

d. surf the net

3. It’s your graduation and you received tons of gifts. What gift would you appreciate most?

a. Porsche

b. Rav4

c. Miata

d. kiss

4. You’re out buying a new CD. Which of the following would you buy?

a. R&B compilations

b. Side A CD

c. Anything under the sun except Rock!!!

d. Wolfgang

5. What is your ideal guy’s usual get-up?

a. loose shirt and carpenter jeans

b. shirt and baggy jeans

c. what the hell…….. anything!!!!!!

d. polo with collar and jeans

6. You got loads of money. Where would you be most likely to spend it?

a. Redline

b. Semicon

c. Go to Tagaytay

d. Pizza Hut

7. Your parents bought you your dream car for graduation. What car would it be?

a. Ferrari

b. Rav4

c. SLK 230

d. Volkswagen

8. You’re changing the wallpaper of your room. What color would it be?

a. green

b. blue

c. black

d. yellow

9. You got an A+ on your favorite subject again. What subject would it be?

a. marketing

b. English

c. Theology

d. math

10. You and your buds spent the whole day playing your favorite sport. What sport would it be?

a. basketball

b. swimming

c. bowling

d. table tennis


If you chose mostly A's.... then fun-loving, ultra romantic Francis is the gal for you!!

If you chose mostly B's.... super nice and gorgeous Mitchell will rock your world!!!

If you chose mostly C's … you'll find lots to talk about with Paolo!!!

If you chose mostly D's.... then the sexy Arnold is the perfect guy for you!!!

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