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Barkada Gigs

February 2000- Mitchie, Leslie, Francis, Ate Cate and Katherine went to Tessa’s 17th party that was held in Caribbean Bar at Dusit Hotel. Although not all of the barkada were present, it was still a blast. We went to Starbucks 6750 afterwards then made kuwentuhan to the max….

March 3, 2000- It’s Ate Cate’s 18th Birthday Party in Shangri-la. Ate Cate looked so beautiful in her gown. Although a frog was present….he didn’t affect much our kada. The guys were a part of the 18 roses while the girls are in the 18 candles. We went to Starbucks Tomas Morato after the debut and it was really fun there. As usual, every Starbucks session is a blast!

April 7, 2000 - Francis and Leslie met up and fetched Ate Cate. They went to Alexandra after and just relaxed while sitting beside the pool and jacuzzi. Afterwards, they met up Kim and Mitch in Galleria and had lunch there. They watched “The Story of Us” and left the cinema house almost teary-eyed. They proceeded to Francis’ village in Valle 6 and went to the park. They went back to their second childhood ‘coz they had fun in the slide and swings.

May 13, 2000 - It’s Kim’s 18th birthday party in Albergus. She looked so fabulous in her sexy gown she was wearing. The barkada was nearly complete, too bad Katherine couldn’t make it. Some STC friends were also present as well as Kim’s relatives. The barkada went to Starbucks in Katipunan and enjoyed their coffees while having some regular chit-chats.

May 16, 2000 – It’s Bianca’s 18th birthday party in Royal Palm Hotel. The barkada was nearly complete except for Katherine once again. Everybody had a blast and went party afterwards. The sounds were really great and the food as well. Afterwards, everybody went to Starbucks Taft and they had a successful coffee session once again.

June 24, 2000- Leslie celebrated her 18th B-day through a pool party that was held in Alexandra Condo in Ortigas. It was so much fun because everybody was wearing his/her most seductive swimsuits. Who can ever forget Emilou’s tube and Arnold’s trunks? :-) After this, we went to straight to pick up Bianca from her house. Of course……. We dropped off in Starbucks (Rockwell) so that we can get our faved frappes and hot chocolates. Then, the gang went to the clubhouse in Valle 6 and decided to drink there. Francis and Arnold bought sum tequillas and we had our rounds there. We really looked so childish when we played our famous “touching ball”…… well… at least everybody had fun.

December 2, 2000- Oa's 18th Bday party. Her parents gave her a car (CIVIC-Vtec). Besides that fact, she celebrated her bday with her kada at Chinatown Resto in Banaue for a hearty Chinese buffet. Everybody had a great time there then we watched the movie Charlie's Angels! We just cant help ourselves watched after our pictorial posing like the three angels together with Charlie in my (Leslie) house.

February 2001, Herous Hills - Tessa celebrated her 18th b-day party. Lotsa people, both famous and not-so-famous, came to her so called "star studded" party... hehehe. Her loving boyfriend, Mark, was her escort for the night.

March 3, 2001- Cate celbrated her 19th bday party at d chick Aresi Resto in QC. The whole kada came except for OA. We had a nice and yummy dinner. After that, we went to Alexandra in Ortigas for some chit-chats.

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