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Exclusively for The Boys!!!

Try this test!!! Which of these cool girls is most compatible to you!!! No cheating please!!!

1. You’re in Bahamas and totally hungry. What would you pig-out on?

a. pasta and ice cream

b. Toblerone

c. teriyaki

d. mocha frappucino

e. anything edible

f. Japanese food

2. You got time to kill. What are you most likely to do?

a. go to the movies

b. sleep all day

c. using the phone the whole day

d. idle at Starbucks

e. go malling

f. play billiards

3. It’s your birthday and you received tons of gifts. What gift would you appreciate most?

a. CD’s

b. car

c. flowers

d. jewelry

e. chocolates

f. cash

4. You’re out buying a new CD. Which of the following would you buy?

a. Jennifer Lopez CD

b. The Corrs CD

c. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” Soundtrack

d. Mariah Carey/Jay-Z CD

e. Vertical Horizon CD

f. Anita Baker CD

5. What is your ideal girl’s usual get-up?

a. plunging blouse and jeans

b. short dresses

c. long dresses

d. stylish and up 2 date clothes

e. skirts and baby tees

f. body huggers and jeans

6. You’re pretty bummed tonight ‘coz you got low grades. What would you likely do?

a. go to the shower then take a bath while singing

b. go out with friends

c. talk to friends over the phone

d. pig-out chocolates and ice cream

e. go to the mall

f. text till you drop

7. Your parents bought you your dream car for graduation. What car would it be?

a. Lexus

b. BMW convertible

c. Jaguar

d. Ferrari

e. F150

f. Concept Car

8. You’re changing the wallpaper of your room. What color would it be?

a. lilac

b. blue

c. white

d. green

e. pastel except red

f. pink

9. You got an A+ on your favorite subject again. What subject would it be?

a. philosophy

b. art

c. math

d. economics

e. English

f. Algebra

10. You and your buds spent the whole day playing your favorite sport. What sport would it be?

a. basketball

b. tug of war

c. table tennis

d. volleyball

e. swimming

f. dance revo


If you chose mostly A's.... then fun-loving, ultra romantic Bianca is the gal for you!!

If you chose mostly B's.... super nice and beautiful Katherine will rock your world!!!

If you chose mostly C's you're a mature go-getter and you'll find lots to talk about with Catherine!!!

If you chose mostly D's.... .... you've got a good sense of humor and Leslie will keep you endlessly amused!!!

If you chose mostly E's.... then the sexy Kimberly is the perfect girl for you!!!

If you chose mostly F’s…. then the angelic Tessa would be most likely to be the angel of your dreams!!!

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