Some Folks Call Him Skank is the brainchild of creator Nick Gentile and co-writer and artist Bo Kaier. Check back with this page for an up and coming weekly comic written and drawn by Bo himself, as well as information on the upcoming feature length comic: Ironically, Some Folks Call Him Skank. Look for a similar Skank section on sister site The Nick Gentile Fan Club. Additionally, some early artwork for ISFCHS is still available to view here.

  Pictured above, from left to right: Jake the J series catalog clone, Choad the hesitant mutant, Stu Gots the megalomaniac manservant and cat persons activist, Skank the master manipulator and lover of all things chaotic, Belkazar the moody, saw-dust stinking circus midget, Santa Claus the delusional, ax wielding lackey, and Fred the Apple, worshipper of strange gods.  
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