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    Optimism, it goes a long, long way. The world is only good as you perceive it to be. Present events or current situations can jade you but this fact is undeniable. Its much harder to pull off then pessimism, because you're outnumbered, easily out argued, and oftentimes viewed as clueless. Deep down though, it has its many rewards. Optimists make more friends, enjoy a modicum of self esteem, are more attractive, healthier, and have better hair cuts (on a whole).

   This section's purpose is three-fold. One, it provides the ying (or is it yang?) to the yang (or is it ying?) of my negativity section, thus keeping this site harmoniously balanced. Secondly, it shows those unfamiliar with me that down somewhere within this twisted visage lies a goodly and admirable creature who longs for escape. I'm not all bad, really. Shut up Thom Lappas. Thirdly, it is here so that cynics can catch a glint off the other side of the coin and maybe see how bleak and depressing they really are. Yes folks, I intend on defeating cynicism on a small front by being optimistic, the world is soon to be a better place. 


 -- 01. Entourages.

 -- 02. Winning a chess match; it simultaneously swells your balls and your brains.

 -- 03. Girls who genuinely enjoy video games, anime, pro wrestling, or comic books. They are the one sure cure for insecurity (once again, check the alliteration on that one mofo).

 -- 04. Interviews with celebrities that make fame seem attainable.

 -- 05. Any song that's good enough to make you start banging your head without even being conscious of it.

 -- 06. Standing back and gazing down upon another individual enjoying something that has sprung from your creative loins, whether it be them humming along to a song of yours, smiling at a joke you wrote into a short story, gazing in awe at something you've drawn, or what have you, its a deeply satisfying feeling.

 -- 07. Capes, worn for any reason at all. 

 -- 08.  Someone cooking for you. Be it friend, legitimate other, or chef, its always an ego boost 

 -- 09.  Waking up automatically at 8 in the mourning, just to realize its Saturday and you have a couple more hours to sleep. 


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Are you an optimist? No? Can you fake like you are one well enough? If so inclined drop me a line at  Stalinsays@yahoo.com.