I don't see why on earth, you want to leave, but I figure I'd plug a few places, lead you down some tangents, send you on some adventures, and all in all make your world that much smaller a plizace with this here section. Checka' checka' check it out ya'll.





The Nick Gentile Fan Club Rating: *****


Y Y Red Meat An awesome and funny web comic - as opposed to the majority of its brethren. Tons of old strips in the archives.
Matt Mattice's Last Exit Rating: ***** Y Y N HomestarRunner.com The best web toon on the Internet, of course, I don't know how qualified I am to be the judge of that, I don't watch many;  I hate them.
The Bob Breslin  Page o' Pain Rating: *** Y N Y Fark.com One of the very few sites on the internet ever to make me laugh aloud. I especially enjoy the Photoshop items.
Gremlin Time with Paul Brozenich Rating: *** N N Y IGN Not a tremendously entertaining site, but one of the most useful you'll ever find - that is if you'll fork up the money for an insider account.
Darryl Braithwhite Comic Zone Rating: *** Y N Y Women Behind Bars Meet the beautiful girl next door - if you live next to a maximum security prison, that is. Bo wants you to make a love connection.
The Chris Ruddy Website Rating: ** Y N N Alaxandre the Savage Gnome A truly creepy tail of a sideshow gone array. Probably not true, but one can never be too careful.
The Cakes Mullen Apartment o' Pain Rating: ** Y N N Son of Hope The dog's voice is now Jesus - Sweet!
Kpoti's I Stunk Today Rating: *** N N N More wacky sites coming soon!  
Forrest's Page of Magikal Tacos Rating: *** Y Y Y    
The Thom Lappas Home Page Rating: ** N N Y    
Brad Gibson's Big Hairy Men Rating: **** Y Y N    
Rachel Sager's Above the Clouds Rating: *** Y N N    
Evelyn Sizemore's Portfolio Page Rating: *** Y N N    

* Over-all Rating - Updated within the Year - Worth a Visit - Am I Involved (heavily mentioned, inspiration for, do artwork for)

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