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~*~The Bob Crane Experience~*~
~*~The Bob Crane Experience~*~ The Bob Crane Experience
Let's Remember Bob Crane....
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Real Name: Robert Edward Crane
Born: 13 July 1928
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Died: 29 June 1978
Age At Death: 49
Place Of Death: Winfield Place Apartments 7430 E. Chaparal; Scottsdale, Arizona
Cause Of Death: Homicide; Massive blow to the head
Parents: Alfred and Rosemary
Brother: Al
Marriage Status: Married Anne Terzian in 1948 and seperated in 1970. They had two daughters--Deborah Ann and Karen Leslie--and one son--Robert David--together. Married Sigrid "Patricia Olson" Valdis in 1970 and were reconcilled from a seperation at his time of death in 1978. They had one son--Robert Scott--together and an adopted daughter--Ana Marie.

The reason Scotty Crane is making this material public is so people can finally see for themselves what went on during the making of the photos and videos. Many rumours have stated that there were homosexual acts and dungeons involved, and there is no truth to that. Now people can see the truth. There is a family section of the site and also an adult section with XXX video clips and photos of Bob. You can also buy collectables at the site, too. This site was done by Scotty, NOT Patricia (even though some people like to make it seem like she is behind it). If you heard Scotty mention that site, you may wanna visit his radio show website Shaken, Not Stirred too.

A movie about Bob's life entitled AutoFocus is in the works. Apparently it was based on the non-accurate Graysmith book. The second Crane family has tried to get the untrue parts straightened out and accurate, but obviously nobody wants to hear the truth. This website does NOT support AutoFocus or anything to do with it in ANY way. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone who is or isn't a Bob Crane fan. It was admitted, by the director, to having "extra" things thrown in just to make it more of a Hollywood story. Yet it's known as "the life of Bob Crane." Bottom line, don't believe everything you see, hear and read. While some people are being paid for bit parts and stories in such movies, others, such as the second Crane family, are refusing pay-offs and are just trying to get the truth out to the public. Decide for yourselves. Read Scotty Crane's review, of the movie, here.

We Love You, Bob!

14 December 2004
Bob Crane. Hey, wasn't he that guy who.... Yes. ....and liked to.... Yes. But we're not gonna talk about that. Well, what's this site about then? It's about remembering all the joy that Bob brought us through the years. Like what? Like his role on Hogan's Heroes for one. Oh, yeah! He was great on that show! Yeah, he was, wasn't he? What else did he do? He was an excellent drummer. Really? Yep. And he was on a LOT of other shows, including "The Love Boat", "Quincy", "The Twilight Zone" and his very own "The Bob Crane Show." To name but a few. Wow! AND, he was a DJ when he was younger. Fascinating! Not to mention he was really great with his kids. Well, you can't go wrong with that. Sounds like he was a really great guy. Right! And that's what this site is all about.

R.I.P. Robert Edward Crane & Sigrid Valdis R.I.P.

Details Of Death: Bob was murdered, in his apartment in Scottsdale, by way of several massive head wounds, supposedly caused by a camera tripod. The murderer also wrapped an electrical cord tightly around Bob's neck, most likely as a sick joke or to assure he was dead. John Carpenter was the main suspect and was put on trial years later for the crime, but was found innocent and never admitted to the crime for the remainder of his life. Some people think it was John, while others think it was a jealous husband. Bob was into filming himself with women and taking photos, and perhaps he just messed with the wrong woman. Some people even suspect that it was a woman that did it, but the wounds indicated a person with much strength. Bob was staying at the apartment while he was in town doing "Beginner's Luck." His co-star, Victoria Berry, let herself into the unlocked apartment, to check up on Bob, and she found him lying in his bed murdered. The damage to his head made him unrecognizable to Victoria, and she didn't know it was him at first. The police came and did their investigation, but nothing useful was found. Sometime later, a piece of tissue was found inside Carpenter's rental car. The rare blood-type was the same as Bob's, but it was still not enough to convict anyone of the murder. Aside from Carpenter, there were many other suspects who had more reason to commit this crime. Carpenter was a convenience. The case has more depth than people are aware of at first glance. Get the facts before making a conviction.
Career Facts: Bob loved to play the drums and would do so in his dressing room and on his radio show, to name a couple places. He even did an album of television theme songs in the 60's. Bob was a disc jockey, one of the highest paid, before getting into acting around the age of 33. He was also a regular on The "Donna Reed Show" from 1963 to 1966. But Bob is most noted for his role as Colonel Robert E. Hogan on "Hogan's Heroes" from 1965 to 1971. In 1975, Bob had his own show called "The Bob Crane Show," which last only a few months. After "Hogan's Heroes," he had parts in such Disney movies as "Gus" and "Superdad". Eventually he began doing dinner theatre and was currently involved in the play "Beginner's Luck" at the time of his murder.
Noted For: Colonel Robert E. Hogan on Hogan's Heroes. Successful DJ in his early days.
Clearing Up Rumours: Bob was NOT a homosexual. He had other guys around when he filmed his acts, but they all were involved with their own girls, not each other. Bob was NOT into kiddie porn. The girls were of legal age and were not forced to go home with Bob. Bob was NOT into kinky sex acts and dungeons. The videos and photos prove that nothing more than straight sex was going on. Bob was NOT a saint before he met Patti and she did NOT change him into a sex-crazed person. He was filming and taking photos as early as the 1950's, before he left Ann. Bob did NOT want to change his life-style. He was content with what he was doing and he made no attempts to hide it. He would take the time to proudly show his friends the photos and videos he had, and he did it with no shame. The book about Bob written by Graysmith is nothing to trust. He finished the book before the case was even complete and he left out a lot of facts as well as made up his own lies. There is NO Bob Crane Jr. (even though Bob's first son misleadingly goes by this name). Bob was Robert Edward. His sons are Robert David and Robert Scott, therefore, no Jr. And contrary to what you may think, Scotty and Patricia are very kind and considerate people who I am proud to say are my friends.
Notes: People like to focus on the negative things in Bob's life, such as his affection for pornography and erotic photography. I guarantee he wasn't the only one in this world who did something like that, and there's people doing things far worse than that. The simple fact is, he didn't force any girls to go home with him. And he wasn't out filming people in public. So what he did behind closed doors was and should remain his own business. I encourage people to focus on the postitive things in his life. Such as the love he had for music, his career, his family and kids. He once stated in an interview that he didn't bring his work home with him and he drove a stationwagon just like any other family guy. Although I didn't know him, I have no doubt that he was a kind man who woulda done anything for anybody. And that's all that should matter.


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