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My Experience

This Webmaster's Account of Her First Britney Spears Concert

June 30th, 2000 - Jones Beach

My day began with me awaking early to watch Britney perform on the Today show in Rockefeller Center (to the largest crowd ever). Once I saw Britney perform, I became nervous because she looked completely exhausted and so run down. She performed only three songs with breaks in between and at the end of her final song, she even stated, "Now, I'm really tired!" Being that I was going to see her later on that night, I didn't want to hear her saying she was tired - I was afraid her show wouldn't be as good since she was so tired, but I hoped that she would take a nap before my show.

My friend picked me up and we drove out to Jones Beach, blasting Britney's music and singing at the top of our lungs all the way there. We arrived there and immediately got someone to take our picture by Britney's latest "Got Milk?" ad and proceeded into the arena. There, we bought Britney Spears glow sticks (we knew if we bought a shirt, we'd never wear it), got a free picture taken by one of the workers with an I-Zone camera and then waited on line to get a "Got Milk?" picture. That picture came out really cute. You are given a milk mustache to put on your upper lip and then you go stand next to a cardboard cutout of Britney (the one from the "Got Milk?" ad where there's a picture of her when she's a little girl) and get your picture taken (all for free).

We found our seats and sat down (we were ALL the way in the last section - but what a view!). Eventually, No Authority came out to start pumping up the crowd. I, personally, didn't even know who they were to begin with. When I heard them sing their first song, then I realized who they were, but that one song was the only song I knew of theirs. They were actually very good. They had the hardest job: trying to get the crowd pumped up and excited, yet, they had to keep the crowd into THEM so that chants of "Britney! Britney!" wouldn't be heard throughout their performance. They put on a good show and after they were done, the whole group went down to section G and did a signing for whomever wanted their autographs. My friend and I - not being fans of Innosense - went down and waited on line for about a half hour. When it was time to meet the guys, I was pleasantly surprised. They were VERY VERY nice, kool, outgoing, pleasant and much better looking than they had looked in their photos (which were being handed out on line along with temporary tattoos). Now, I must say, Ricky was extremely pleasant and very friendly. The other two guys (I forget their names!!) were very friendly too. One guy just sat there and didn't so much as look up at any of his fans ... that wasn't too cool, but the other guys were so nice it made up for it sort of.

After taking pictures with No Authority, we went back to our seats and waited for another half an hour for Britney to come out. Finally the stage got dark, and her computerized image came up on the screens as there was her recording of a cute little intro that told a story with all of her song titles. Then, she came out with a bang and began singing "(You Drive Me) Crazy" Immediately, I was up out of my seat dancing. It was a great performance as always. The next song was "Stronger" which was also great. The other songs she sang were "Sometimes," "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart," "Born To Make You Happy," "Lucky," "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know," "Don't Go Knockin' On My Door," "The Beat Goes On," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "What U See (Is What U Get)" and "closed" with "...Baby One More Time." She said goodbye to us and thanked us for being a wonderful audience and left. But most of us knew she was coming back out again, and of course, she did. She closed with "Oops! ... I Did It Again." She was on for about an hour and 15 minutes.

I had a GREAT time. The only disappointing thing was that we WERE sitting so far away so it was sort of like watching her perform on tv again. But she definitely put on a great show. There was also a lot of cool things going on while she performed like confetti being shot all over the audience and "explosions." I must say, she also had great backgrounds (backdrops) during all of her performances. Something else that I thought was cool was that there were four members pre-selected from the audience who (at one point in the show) got to go onstage and compete for a chance to meet Britney. It was hysterical and fun. It was another example of good interaction with the crowd.

Her outfits were very cute, but I don't know HOW she danced in most of them. They looked so hot to be dancing in! I thought her outfit for "What U See (Is What U Get)" was very cute too. She was in pink with a bright pink cowboy hat on as she danced around a pole (but it wasn't like dirty dancing).

Another thing I'd like to point out is that her voice sounded great. Note: I'm not saying she lip-synched. She sang live and sounded incredible. I didn't even think that if she sang live she'd sound so good, but she definitely did.

Her dancing was incredible, as were her dancers, sets, singing, outfits and energy. All in all I had a wonderful time and wish I could go back and do it all over again!