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December 27

:: Created a brand new multimedia section where you can watch Britney's music videos
:: Added an AIM Buddy Icon page for all you AIM users
:: Put up new codes in the Marry Britney section
:: Got rid of some sections in the Interactive section

December 22

:: Added the lyrics to Britney's 1st Christmas song, "My Only Wish (This Year)" as well as the lyrics to "You Got It All" and "I'm So Curious"
:: New member added to the clique
:: More work on the clique - hopefully it will be it's own site separate from this soon!

December 19

:: Added more members to my clique
:: Still attempting to make the clique layout more "pro" looking
:: Sorry for the lack of updates posted here - it's mostly been layout stuff that's why!

November 5

:: Hope you like the new layout!
:: Please vote for me at the NSynced and Fate awards!

November 4

:: The vidcaps for "Stronger" are up!
:: New Britney codes added to my clique
:: Joined more cliques

October 25

:: Two more members added to my clique
:: Elle pictures added to gallery
:: A new poll is up
:: New pic of the week

October 17

:: New pic of the week
:: A change in the news section
:: Got rid of dead links on the links page, if I missed any, please email me and report those dead links to me!
:: Won another award!

October 2

:: Get your own *FREE* Britney Spears email account! Check it out on my main page.

September 27

:: More members added to my clique.

September 17

:: Come vote in the latest poll!

September 16

:: Finally opened the Phases of Britney Spears section. Come take a look at Britney's looks throughout the past few years.

:: Added the vidcaps from Brit's "racy" performance at the VMA's

August 29

:: Added a new member to my clique.

:: *This site will not be updated as often as I have started my first year in college.*

August 22

:: Opened up my clique to all artists, not just Britney Spears and put up a ton more codes.

August 20

:: Added 2 new members to my clique!

:: Joined some more cliques.

August 18

:: Posted an interview from Magazine with Britney in the articles section.

:: Added a new member to my clique.

:: Have my first two sibling sites!

:: Won another award!

August 15

:: I won two awards!

:: Added a new winner for the BSI Site Award.

August 14

:: Added two more members to my clique!

:: A new fan site in links.

August 13

:: Added my first two members of my clique :o)

:: Won two more awards!

August 10

:: My brand new clique, I Don't Need Nobody is now *open*!!!

:: Added more adoption images to the Adoption Center.

August 9

:: We won three new awards today!

:: Added the lyrics to Girl in the Mirror and Heart in they Lyrics Section.

August 7-8

:: Thanks to Crush for our latest award!

:: New enter and main pics.

:: Joined more cliques.

:: Added a Free Graphics! section to the site.

:: Be on the lookout for my own clique - coming soon!

August 5

:: We won another award!

:: Added the midi for What U See (Is What U Get) to the main page.

:: Changed the font on the main and enter pages, as well as added a marquee to the enter page.

August 4

:: Added the YM article.

:: Find out how to get Britney's hairstyle here!

:: Read about the Britney Spears prank played on an O-Town member.

July 31

:: Added the photos from the latest YM Magazine to the photo gallery.

July 28

:: After a full, long week of updating we're still not done!! But you can visit a LOT of new things added. A brand new section has been added: BSI Interactive FunZone features Marry/Adopt Britney, Quotes, Picture of the Week, Chatroom and MUCH more!

:: I've also gotten rid of all my old photo galleries and posted the latest photos of Britney up. Check them out here!

:: Changed the pictures on the enter and main pages.

July 19

:: Posted a new appearance.

:: Created the Win An Award page.

July 18

:: Updated the discography section.

July 17

:: Updated the lyrics section with the lyrics for Autumn Goodbye, I'll Never Stop Loving You and Deep In My Heart.

July 14

:: See the vidcaps from "Lucky"

:: Changed the picture on the enter page.

:: Vote in our new poll!

July 5

:: Do you know when to catch Britney making her video for "Lucky"? If not, you better check here!

:: Congratulations given to Britney in news.

:: Read another quote put in. (Taken from Britney Live @ Much Music)

:: Please ignore my counters on each page. For some reason they've suddenly decided to subtract about 44,000 previous visitors from the counter.

July 3

:: Read about my first Britney Spears concert here!

:: Added the pictures from Rolling Stone to my photo gallery.

June 29

:: Hope you like the new layout!!!

:: Read CosmoGirl's article on Britney.

:: Added a new section with some random quotes from Britney.

:: Read an entry from Britney's real diary!

June 28

:: Watch Britney this week on Today.

:: See our new award!

May 17

:: Updated the lyrics section with all of the new lyrics from "Oops! ... I Did It Again"

:: Updated the discography section.

May 15

:: Gave the site a whole new face-lift and new title!! Formerly known as The Britney Jean Spears Network, and is now Britney Spears Interactive! May 1

:: New appearance added.

April 28

:: Read a new review about Britney's sophomore album and get the complete listing of all the songs on her next album here.

:: New story in news.

April 26

:: Three new stories added to news.

April 25

:: Added more pictures to this photo gallery. Check them out!

:: Posted a new pic on the main page.

:: Be on the lookout for a new facelift to this site with the arrival of it's new name, soon!

April 22

:: Updated one of the photo galleries with a lot more, VERY recent pics of Britney.

April 20

:: Made my own Topsites list - The BJSN Top 100 Sites - and placed the link on the main page ... please go vote for this site and get it to the top!! April 19

:: Created a new section where fans who've met Britney, share their experiences with us! Check it out here.

April 16

:: Updated the news section.

April 14

:: Added all the Britney appearances I know about for the months of April, May, and June.

April 13

:: Added vidcaps from "Oops! ... I Did It Again", courtesy of

April 8

:: The lyrics from "Oops! ... I Did It Again" have been added before the single is in stores!

:: Important info in news.

April 7

:: Read about Britney's thoughts on college and films in the near future, in news.

April 4

:: Updated EACH photo gallery with new recent pics taken from the AMA's, Grammy's, varied performances, as well as two new music videos. Check them out in photos!

:: Added three new stories to news.

March 29

:: Added a new appearance.

March 24

:: A new announcement in news.

March 10

:: Added Britney's Summer Tour Dates.

:: Added a new site to the links page.

February 9

:: Check out Britney's latest standings on the Billboard Charts.

:: This site was officially certified by so the logo was placed on the main page. Thank you all so much for helping my site succeed so well in such a short time!

February 3

:: Get up-to-date with new stories in news.

:: Even MORE sites in links.

:: Updated the appearances page.

:: Joined FanGuide ... please vote for this site on the main page.

:: I'm pleased to announce that this site has won it's 3rd award already! It's been posted on the main page.

January 31

:: More fan sites in links.

:: This site has won two awards so the awards were placed on the main page.