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Beauty Basics With Britney

This is an interview with Britney and magazine

Sweet16: What do you always carry in your makeup bag?
Britney: Eye shadow (beige), powder, blush, lip liner, nail file.
S: Where do you like to shop?
B: Everywhere, all stores, especially bebe in NYC and Roots, too!
S: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet right now?
B: Vintage 501's that my stylists Kurt and Bart redesigned, and also my navy blue workout pants.
S: What is the best beauty secret that you have learned so far?
B: To get lots of sleep and eat healthy foods.
S: What is your biggest fashion no-no?
B: Styles that are too boring.
S: What is the one beauty product you could never live without?
B: Kiehl's lotion.
S: What's the one item you never leave home without?
B: Toothbrush.
S: Have you ever had a beauty mishap?
B: Yes...I colored my hair orange.
S: What do you think makes someone beautiful?
B: Peace from within. Satisfaction from within. Being true to yourself.
S: When were you allowed to start wearing makeup?
B: 14-years-old.
S: How would you describe your style?
B: Fun and trendy.
S: How has it changed from when you first started performing to now?
B: Much more relaxed, more a part of my personality, my being.
S: Do you have any advice for back-to-school shopping?
B: Coordinate your outfits. Mix a few vintage pieces with some trendy stuff. It saves money and looks great.
S: What are your fashion dos and don'ts?
B: Nothing too boring. Wear complementing clothes whether they are popular or not.
S: What's the one article of clothing you're ashamed to admit ever wearing?
B: Bows in my hair...puffy sleeves on my shirts!
S: Describe how you change from day to evening (both makeup and clothing).
B: Usually, I try to glamorize my day outfit by adding strappy sandals and smokey eye shadow if I am going out.
S: Favorite accessories?
B: Ring on my third finger, diamond earrings, diamond cross necklace.
S: Advice to our readers about fashion/beauty.
B: Know your good points, know your bad points, but always emphasize yourself as you really are.
S: How do you know when you're wearing too much (makeup/accessories)?
B: Ask Mama.
S: How do you tone it down?
B: Make another choice!
S: How can our readers copy your look?
B: Shop for fun, trendy things. Look in magazines.
S: What made you change your style recently?
B: I was bored. Tired of the same look.
S: When you do have time to date, what do you usually wear-from going to the movies to going to a really nice restaurant?
B: Right now, I am so busy with touring that I do not have time to date. But when I do, I usually wear fun and trendy things.