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Fan Meets Star

Fans Share Their Experience Of Meeting Britney Spears

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Neil S's. Encounter

It was around Labor Day weekend, and I just found out Britney was going to be at MACY*S in NYC-well you had to be the first 300 people to buy $150 worth of Tommy H. clothes-so I ended up spending, like, $300 because I got 2 passes.

Well, I was the 130th person to be there. I was sooo excited. After that, I had to come back Sept. 8, and I was guarenteed to get an autograph. So I got there, and waited on line for about 3 hours. Finally we got in, and we waited another hour 'cause Brit was late. Then she came and EVERYONE was screaming at the top of their lungs. I was in too much shock-I didn't even scream. I HARDLY moved. I couldn't believe it was BRITNEY right in front of my face.

She looked really good! She was wearing a red Tommy shirt with another white button down shirt over it, and Tommy jeans.

So one by one people went up and spent about 2 minutes with her, and got ONE autograph. When it was my turn, I went up, and was totally SPEECHLESS. She said "Hi" and "How are you?" I barely answered. The best part was after she signed my CD, I asked if I could have the 8X10 pic of her (which she signed for you) and her manager said, "SORRY, it's only one per person." So Britney took the pic and slipped it under the table for me! I was SO happy! And then I went right in her face and took 3 CLOSE pics..and i mean REALLY close! It was time they started pushing me out, so I had to leave Britney. So i left, and wished I never did. It was the BEST day of my life, and I wish I have the chance to meet her again.

Erica's Experience - March 7th, 2000

March 7, 2000=The BEST freakin night of my life so far!

Well, the reason I got the chance to meet Britney is because I won a contest that BX(a military store) was having! We live, like, 45 minutes from Pensacola-the place where her first concert was going to be held-so they decided to have a contest! It was for the first 30 drawn from the first 1000 to enter got to go to her Full Dress Rehearsal Practice Concert [Really like a Private Concert] the DAY BEFORE opening night! Well I was one of the winners (yay)! Now onto the great Britney Day!!

Well, we had to be at the BX by 3:30 and whatnot so we arrived and then like 30 minutes later we got on the buses and headed to the Civic Center! So we got there but they weren't done setting up the stage and stuff so we had to wait outside. (And can I also so SECURITY STINKS!) So it's 6:30 and we FiNALLY get to go into the venue, but we are all confused on when we were gonna get to meet her because at first it was gonna be after the concert but then they changed it to before and then they were telling us no it's after still! Then they all finally changed it to it would be before the concert! So...the kids all get in lined up so I ran to get there first. We all had to scoot down (I will never forget this) and her boydgaurd called me babydoll! AHH! He goes "Scoot down somemore babydoll!" (HeHe!!) So I went all the way down to the end of the rail and I was last but it was actually the BEST place to be for this because if I was up front I would have had to double up with some other person I didn't know for pictures!

At around 7p.m. Britney finally comes out and as she was walking down the little aisle I was snapping pictures of her. They hardly came out but, oh well, they are still her! Then, Britney is just five people away from me and I start to cry! So I get calmed before she comes to the girl in front of me and they take their picture and before she started walking towards me I was like, "Wait! Can I take a picture?" and she was like, "Sure" and she tapped the little girl on her shoulder and was like "Look." So I took the picture and then Britney was like, "Are you the last one?" And I go "Yeah, and this is for you." And I handed her the scrapbook of fanletters I made her. She was like, "Aww thanks!" and she gave me a big hug!

Then we took the picture and she was like, "Thanks again, what's your name?" I answer, "Erica."

"Well it was nice meeting you. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the show."

"Your Welcome and it was nice meeting you too. Bye!"


And that was basically the whole conversation. But there is A LOT MORE! After I walked off she grabbed the scrapbook away from the gifts lady and started reading it! I was flipping out and cried a little again.

Finally we got to go inside...I litterally ran to the front row, center. It is a GREAT feeling to be Front row dead center! After we found our seats we had to wait 30 minutes for the show to start because Britney was still getting ready and the stage people were getting the stage set-up because it wasn't finished yet.

But, anyhow, finally the concert starts! (Let me just say that Britney is a GREAT PERFORMER!) The concert starts and she, of course, did "Crazy" first! (I LUV that song! I WAS THE HYPEREST PERSON THERE! I was doing ALL the dances to the songs because I know them and I was yelling and freaking out while everyone else was bobbing their heads up and down.) Britney kept smiling at me too! It rawked! I forget the order of the songs but when she did "Oops! ... I Did It Again", I totally spazzed! We were the FIRST fans to hear the song ever so I felt REALLY privileged! We were also the first to hear "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know." Seeing both songs live first was GREAT! I love the way she flew out into the crowd! It was just awesome! All her outfits were SOO CUTE! Not hootchie-fied! Very stylish and sexy-classy!

The show was just GREAT! For "From the Bottom Of My Broken Heart" she had a contest to find the "Ultimate Heartbreaker", and this guy named Brandon or whatever won! He sat in the chair and she came from behind him and was like, "Can I sit here?" and he just nodded like a dork! She starts to sing the song to him and right before he had to get offstage the female dancers took a poloroid sticky picture for him to have and Britney kissed her two fingers and placed them on his lips! He looked like he was gonna faint! It was the cutest thing ever!

The most memorable moment from the show that I'll take with me is when She performed "The Beat Goes On." She came out in this black and red outfit and at one point in the dance they have to turn around.. and right before they all turned around Britney gave me this look like "Something is gonna happen and I don't think you'll want it to" and then she turns around and shakes her butt directly in my face! I start crackin up laughing while the Dads behind me were howling and whistling! But it was too cute because she had a heart on her butt. But I won't ever forget that! It's just something you can't forget!

Afterthe second to last song, Britney goes backstage and everyone BUT me thinks it's over (because I KNOW that she always does that to make people think it's over but I know she has to sing "...Baby One More Time") I started yelling out paradies to the song and everyone else starts to scream with me and at this point my voice is almost gone because I was screaming and singing TOO MUCH! I took my ear plugs out not thinking anything else was gonna happen but right as I took them out the Pyrotechnics shoot up and blasted in my ear! (OMG that HURTS!) So she does "...Baby One More Time" and does the Grammy's dance mixed with the regular one-it was AWESOME!

After that the show ended and we had to go. All in all that was the BEST day of my life so far! Who knows, May 9th could top it because I am goin to my Nsync concert then! ...But that was my whole Britney Experience!

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