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Free Graphics!

If you would like me to make some free graphics for your site, please email me with your name, the urls (or attachments) of the pics you want used, what type of graphic it is (banner, award, etc.), if you have a specific font you'd like and any other specifications you have for your graphic(s).

Some examples of fonts (all can be adjusted to any size appropriate for your graphic(s)):

Comic Sans MS
Calisto MT
Curlz MT
Engravers MT
Lucida Calligraphy
Maiandra GD
News Gothic
Viner Hand ITC

If you do chose to place graphic(s) I've made for you on your site, I do ask that you place one of the following codes on your site. Thank you!

Code # 1
(a href="")(img src="")(/a)

Code # 2
(a href="")(img src="")(/a)

Rember to change all ( ) to < >