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britney spears:

[they can't get no] satisfaction [they can't get no] satisfaction I'm a big fan of britneyI'm a big fan of britney Glamour Girl I  h a v e  'n o  s t r i n g s'.No OnestraightUP superstar...the music in my heart will set my spirit freei like her anyway...Wishing not obsessedif i could be like thatSweet Sensationsdetached different in the same way *//Real~Fans~United\\* intrigued This is What Stars Are Made Of I Like Britney Now shut up you dont know me a real Beautiful, Independent, Talented, 
Compassionate, Humanheaven in MY eyes


not obsessed He's Damn Cute!!a i n t  t h e y  c u t e?*//Real~Fans~United\\*heaven in MY eyesheaven in MY eyesI'm a big fan of BBmak I'm a big fan of Christian of BBmakCan't Let Gobaby, to you, all i am...

jennifer lopez:

not obsessed

matt damon:

He's Damn Cute!!

other artists/celebs:

This is What Stars Are Made Of