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Britney's Background...

Britney Jean Spears

Kentwood, Louisiana

Pop-sensation Britney was introduced to show-biz at the tender age of eight. She auditioned in Atlanta for the Mickey Mouse Club and was rejected because she was too young, but a producer from the show set her up with an agent located in New York City.

Britney traveled to New York City and spent three summers where she studied at the Off-Broadway Dance Studio and the Professional Performing Arts Center. Shortly after, she began appearing in commercials and even starred in the off-Broadway play, "Ruthless".

At age eleven, Britney gained a permanent spot on the MMC. She performed on the MMC for two years in Orlando and then returned to her home town Kentwood, Louisiana for one "regular" year of high school at age fourteen.

At the age of sixteen, Britney released her debut album, "...Baby One More Time." She went on tour to create support for her c.d. and to date, her album has been certified 11x platinum! She has also won numerous awards for her debut album (and the songs off of it) as well as Best New Artist of the Year. Quite a list of astonishing accomplishments for such a young lady.

Now, just turned eighteen, Britney is working on her next album, "Sunflowers." She says that her fans should not expect her next album to be a "soundalike" to her debut album. She also is thinking about her next c.d.'s cover already since she "hated the first c.d. cover." She may possibly hire Herb Ritts (famous for his sexy, black and white photos) to do her next cover.

As we've entered into the new millennium, Britney seems to be maintaining her steady position in the music world as she continues to gain confidence. Fans all over the world continue to dance their hearts out to her fast beat tracks (i.e. "...Baby One More Time", "(You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop Remix!)" and sing from their heart to her slower songs (i.e. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart"). Britney is a young lady who has grown into an incredible performer who, I'm sure, will not disappoint her fans at all as she continues with her career in this new millennium.