Xfm Meets Michael Madsen

The star of Reservoir Dogs talks Kill Bill, reuniting with Tarantino, developing Budd's look, bad movie choices, writing poetry and working with Harvey Keitel.

Michael Madsen on developing Budd’s character with Tarantino: "Originally he had me cast in a different role...I got very involved in the appearance of Budd...he wanted me to look a little bit more like Mr Blonde but I had a radically different idea"

On Quentin being as super cool as he always has been: "Even thought he’s wealthy and more widely recognised, he hasn't changed at all"

On dream film roles: "Believe me, I would rather be the guy who rides into the sunset, I would much rather be Shane than Jack Pallance"

On being given the choice of making a bad movie or not being able to buy groceries for your family; "I thought I should make an apology for some of the mistakes I've made, some of the blundering foolish ridiculous movies that I've been in or some of the shit ass performances that I've given and some of the crap that I've been put upon."

On writing poetry: "You get alot of free time when you're an actor and not being busy becomes the Devil's playground."

On shooting a picture with Harvey Keitel: "The financing run out of the damn thing and they had to stop shooting...the people who are planning it haven't even bothered to call me and tell me when we are going to start shooting...its very strange"