Adicted To Madsen


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"Burning in Paradise is a very personal collection of events in MM's life, but very thought provoking & you are drawn to re-read it to gain full impact of emotions being expressed. The CDROM is great also; although the music seems rather sad or introspectvie. MM has lead such a colorful life that he should write an autobiography."
--Darlene Freeman

"I thought of Michael every day, I thought of his smile, The look in his eyes. The first time I saw Michael, I found the meaning of sensuality. The way he moves, The way He speaks, The way he is in fact. I love you MICHAEL."
--A MadsyGirl

I love you Michael. The most lovable, sexable, lickable, huggable, wantable, man alive. Nothing compares to you... Your pictures cover what used to be empty spaces on my walls. You are and will always be my favorite.
-- yadrutas143

Michael, you became the love of my life since I first saw you many years ago. You light up my dreary life,I love the very bones of you. I sense your sensuality the raw sexiness,that shows up in you voice and the way you move This man of talent in many fields is the essence of my being and will be to the day I die.