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Michael On Reservoir Dogs...

"It was very suprising to me, certainly, I didn't ever...the whole Reservoir Dogs phenomenon is kinda bizarre, when we were making the picture I certainly didn't know, and neither did anybody else that that was going to happen. And in a way it's kinda interesting and it's kind of, I guess I'm some kind of cult figure or something. I see myself on key chains and T-shirts and if you go and see Reservoir Dogs at the Beverly Theatre, it plays like every midnight, every Saturdayy or something for the past coupla years...You go in there and the people watching the movie, they know the dialogue, they say the dialogue back to the screen, and no matter how many films I make, no matter what kind of character I play people always recognize me, remember me or want to talk to me about Reservoir Dogs and it's very curious to me, because I didn't really think that the film was that violent. I thought it was a lot more psychologically violent and it makes you wonder what's going on in people's minds because you don't really see that much in the picture,it's a lot of implied things, and so, I think it's an interesting picture, there's no doubt about it, and it blew the door open for independent film makers, that's for sure, and I think in that way I'm proud of it because it had that effect and if somebody wants to do an homage to me or the film, that's fine."