Mystery Island Interview
Michael Madsen
by Bradley Mason Hamlin

BMH: If you were found cold dead, underneath the lamplight, on the concrete corner of 1st Street & Nowhere, with A Blessing Of The Hounds clutched in one hand – what would be in the other hand?
MADSEN: The pistol I shot myself with.
BMH: Hounds shows you traveling often for your work. In your opinion, is there any city in particular where the whore of the muse speaks to you more frequently or with greater passion?
MADSEN: New Orleans.
BMH: Now that you have Hounds coming out as a solid example of your writing as a poet, will you be seeking publication in the literary magazines and journals?
MADSEN: I don't know what they are.
BMH: Many people now believe that the terms “poet” and “poetry” are tired, misunderstood words. Henry Rollins refers to his poetry as spoken word, but that doesn’t make sense as people are reading his words silently on paper. If you could give poetry a new handle, what would it be?
MADSEN: Inner Dialect.
BMH: One of your poems mentioned you always seeing the saddest side of things. Can you give us an example of one of the saddest moments in your life? Happiness is too easy. You could just say, “The birth of my son, Max.” What is true sorrow?
MADSEN: I'd rather keep that to myself until I can put it in writing. I haven't written the saddest poem, nor have I written about the saddest thing that ever happened to me.
BMH: Now that you’re a part of the BOND franchise, a great series with disastrous continuity problems – will you, as a writer-actor, make any attempts at influencing the storylines, by say, getting Quentin to direct or writing a script yourself?
MADSEN: Quentin was asked to direct a Bond film in the past, which he turned down. I'm not sure which one it was.If I do another Bond film, all I can do is bring as much truth to the part as I can. The writers of DIE ANOTHER DAY were very polite and approachable. As far as directing, I've been directing myself pretty much. I do have plans to direct PRETTY BOY FLOYD if I ever get the financing.

Mystery Island 2002.