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Second Chances article

Film Focus Interview (3/18/05)
Michael talks about "Inglorious Bastards" & "Sin City"

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Cowboy Poet(The Times Picayune)July 2004

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Film Force 10 Questions(Aug. 12, 2002)

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Blink Magazine Interview(2001)
Michael talks about his web site, writing, his favorite writers and more! Interview(2002) Interview(2002?) Interview
Michael talks about his fave roles, his trademark Rayban sunglasses, TV versus film and more

Michael on Reservoir Dogs
Michael talks about the Reservoir Dogs/Mr. Blonde phenomenon

Michael on Donnie Brasco
Michael talks about his role as Sonny Black and hanging out with real life gangsters

Metal Rulz Magazine Interview(2002)
In-depth interview with Michael about marriage, kids, acting and life in general

Razor Magazine Interview(2001)
Contains new poetry from Michael!

Lycos Chat w/ Michael(2000)