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who Michael Madsen is. He’s the one who is always playing the menacing bad guy in films like “Reservoir Dogs”, “The Getaway”, “Donnie Brasco” and a string of action films (some unfortunately straight to video).. Then on the other hand, he can play the opposite, an all-round do-gooder, in films like “Free Willy”, “Species”, “Thelma and Louise” and “Wyatt Earp”. More recently, Madsen carried his own series “Vengeance Unlimited” as well as working flat out (as usual) on a batch of projects including “High Noon”, “Microwave Park” and “Outlaw”. This guy has struck up a reputation for playing a real cool cat. No doubt Quentin Tarantino saw this when he cast him in “Reservoir Dogs”. I had the opportunity to speak to Michael for this interview.

Clint: What film do you feel most proud about being associated with?

Michael: I’m not sure, each and every one of them has their own distinction

Clint: Your trademark seems to be wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in your films. How did this come about?

Michael: Purely by accident. It was not intentional, and if I ever got a check from Ray-Ban, it would be a great surprise. Not all of them are Ray-Bans, by the way, some are knockoffs.

Clint: So do you prefer playing the bad guy of movies like “The Getaway” and “Supreme Sanction,” or the hero of movies like “Species?”

Michael: I prefer playing the hero, but bad guys are a lot more fun.

Clint:Speaking of “Species,” have we seen the last of the franchise?

Michael:Yes, thank God Almighty and Heaven above. I never should have done “Species II.”

Clint: Excuse me while I kiss the dirt too

Clint: What was your experience like working with Tarantino? I hear you were offered the part in “Pulp Fiction” that Travolta played?

Michael:A: My experience with Tarantino is ongoing and tremendously rewarding. And no, it is not true.

Clint: At one stage there was a rumor that Travolta and yourself might be playing the Vega brothers in a spin-off movie. Is it still on the cards?

Michael:Yes, that’s still a possibility and something that I believe that Quentin will probably start writing next year. Although I think that John will have to lose some weight.

Clint: After now working on a TV series, which do you prefer, TV or film?

Michael: Film. TV is a hassle, and television executives are not the geniuses that they’re cracked up to be.

Clint: lol. I say nothing

Clint:Is there a character in one of your films that closely mirrors that of the real Michael Madsen?

Michael: no

Clint: What about the ear-chopper?

Clint: What can your fans see you in next?

Michael:More crap

Clint: ha ha ha