Michael On Donnie Brasco...

(source: excerpts from "Mafia befriends Michael Madsen" by Anika Van Wyk, Calgary Sun, 1-4-97)
"When I got to New York (for filming) I got a phone call to show up at a certain place and when I asked who it was, they hung up. I kinda figured I should go. When I got there, Johnny (Depp) was standing on the corner and I said 'what the hell are you doing here...oh you must have got a call too.'...We went out to dinner with these guys a lot and hung around with them. They told us all sorts of stuff. But you don't go there on your own--ya know what I'm saying. And you don't leave until they're ready to leave...It was a mutual admiration club, I think they're very fascinated by actors. They have a desire to know they are being portrayed in the right way. They want to vibe you. Once you get their vote of confidence, sort-of-speak, you're pretty much in like Flynn... I met a lot of guys who knew Sonny and that was a little bizarre. A lot of guys loved Sonny. You bet you're life they're going to look at me and say 'Hey man, you'd better do the right thing for Sonny!'...I already got my review from them. As far as they were concerned, if I wanted to give up acting I was welcome to their side of the world. That was a pretty big endorsement."