Bloodrayne (2005)

Directed by: Uwe Boll
Writing Credit: Guinevere Turner
Status: Filming

Plot Summary:
In eighteenth century Romania, Rayne, a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire), prone to fits of blind blood rage but saddled with a compunction for humans, strives to avenge her mother's rape by her father, Kagan, King of Vampires. Two vampire hunters, Sebastian and Vladimir, from the Brimstone Society persuade her to join their cause.

Kristanna Loken .... Rayne
Ben Kingsley .... Kagan
Michelle Rodriguez .... Katarin
Matthew Davis .... Sebastian
Michael Madsen .... Vladimir
Will Sanderson .... Domastir

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  • The 'Bloodrayne' trailer will be attached to 'Alone In The Dark' which opens Jan. 28th.
  • 'Bloodrayne' will hit theatres in Fall/Winter 2005

    First look at Michael in the movie!

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    Interview with Kristina Loken from Dread Central:

    Principal photography continues in Romania on Uwe Boll's third -to-film effort Bloodrayne and we've got an exclusive first look at Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) as the film's half-human/half-vamp heroine. Penned by American Psycho's Guinevere Turner, the screenplay acts as a prequel to the events that follow in Majesco's bloody good video game. In the film Bloodrayne finds herself orphaned at a young age and joins a circus freak show. "She is the daughter of the lead vampire, the lead bad guy Kagan, and her journey in the film is just becoming what she is," Loken explains to Dread Central. "She knows she is a little bit weird, a little bit off, but she doesn't quite know why. So this is basically her transformation in finding out the truth and coming to terms with it and dealing with all the repercussions." Playing her father, Kagan, is Oscar winner Ben Kingsley who is currently being seen on the big screen'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">big screen'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">big screen'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">big screen as a predator of another sort in E. Elias Merhige's Suspect Zero. Also rounding out the Bloodrayne cast is William Sanderson, Matt Davis, and Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil) and Michael Madson (Kill Bill) who play Katarin and Vladimir, respectively, a pair of vampire hunters from the Brimstone Society who convince Bloodrayne to join them in their bloodsucker slaying efforts. Of course, modern cinema and television has proven that you can't battle vamps without high-tech weaponry. And anyone who has played the game knows Bloodrayne wields two massive blades, so while some may be perturbed that the film's plot won't match the source material, they can at least take heart in knowing Bloodrayne will have her signature moves and weapons which Loken has been training for. "Right now I am learning how to work with my swords that are very different to any other kinds of weapons I've worked with before. I'm doing that sort of training and I'm trying to stay really fit and learning how to talk with the teeth, the fangs and just really kind [putting] myself into that dark atmosphere - and what better place is there to do it than in Romania, where the whole folklore originated from."

    Look for Bloodrayne in theaters Fall/Winter 2005