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Did Paul Die????????

The rumors started in the 60's and continue to this day...Is Paul really Paul or did someone replace him after his death? I personally think he is alive and well, but others say that the clues are in the music and the album covers. Supposedly, Paul got into a car accident early on a Wednesday morning, around 5 a.m. He was looking at a meter-maid instead of at the street, and didn't notice the changing traffic lights. He wasn't killed on right away, but his car burst into flames, a crowd of people gathered around, and he later died from injuries to the head. The morning paper released an article which was very quickly pulled from news stands. Another version of the story is that Paul was driving along a dark road and saw a pretty girl hitch-hiking. He picked her up. As he drove down the road, the girl realized who he was and got so excited about being in the same car with him that she attacked Paul causing him to lose control of the car and crash. Then came William Campbell. Soon after Paul's death, a Paul McCartney look-alike contest was held. The winner's name was William Campbell, looked enough like Paul to pose with the other Beatles for pictures. But anyway, here are some of the clues that Paul is dead.