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George Harrison

George Harrison was born February 25,1943. He was the youngest of the Beatles. He met John Lennon through Paul McCartney and that's how he joined up with the group. In the begining of their careers, the Beatles went to Hamburg, George had to pretend he was 18 when he was only 17 because it was illegal to live in another country was your not of age. But in the end, they found out anyway, and the Beatles were deported back to England. They made back after he turned 18 and the band began to hit big. In 1966, George married Patty Boyd. After the Beatles broke up, George had a successful solo career with such endevours as the concert for Bangledesh, and unforgetable songs as "My Sweet Lord". But in 1977, he and Patty got divorced. He later married Olivia Arias. In 1988, He joined the Traveling Wilburys that included such people as, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbinson, and Jeff Lynne. George Harrison died on November 29, 2001 of throat cancer. He will be missed. But the important thing to remember here is, George was not afraid to die. He is in a better place now, with no pain or cancer.