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The #1 Un-Official Justin Site!

Welcome To The #1 Un-Official Justin Site! Here you'll find everything from Info about this *Nsync Bad Boy to how you can reach him. Here we have FAQ, Pics, Links, Info, Polls and so much more. I hope you enjoy this site and feel free to look around! If you have any questions or Comments Please email me at: Thank You and Enjoy!

The Skinny On Justin!

Name: Justin Randall Timberlake
DOB: January 31, 1981
Home: Orlando, FL
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, Dancing, Singing, & Swimming
Stats: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 150lbs, 6'0
Special Interests:
The Justin Timberlake Foundation was established by 'NSYNC singing
sensation Justin Timberlake to share his love for music by providing funding
that supports high-caliber music programs in public schools. He has chosen
to make his first grant to the elementary school he attended, the E.E. Jeter
Elementary School in Tennessee. The Justin Timberlake Foundation will
work closely with the school to integrate a music program into the
curriculum. Plans call for the program to begin as early as September 2000.
The Justin Timberlake Foundation is managed by The Giving Back Fund.
You can visit The Justin Timberlake Foundation & Giving Back Fund at:

Are You The Biggest Justin Timberlake Fan?

Do you think you have what it takes to become the #1 Justin Fan? Well, If you do, Email me your name, email address, and why YOU think you have what it takes. The winner will be showcased on this site on November 1st. Entries must be in by October 21st. So, If you think you are THE BIGGEST Justin Fan, Take the ULTIMATE TEST! Please send the Info and a pic if possible to: Thank You and Good Luck!


This site is a fan site only and *Nsync nor Justin Timberlake had anything to do with the making of this page. The Info on this page is to the best of my knowledge. If any Fictional info is posted email me and tell me please! If any vulgar language or inappropriate language is posted on this page, action can be taken. This is a site built for fun, please don't ruin it! Please have repect for Justin and the rest of the group by not posting any falsified information on the page! Thank You! Go To Next Page