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A Modern Day Knight and A Lady in Red

Hi! These pages were made in dedication to the work of Cherif Fortin and Stacy E. Walker. Come on in, the Dragons are all tied up in the backyard for the moment.

This picture is copyright Stacy E. Walker-Stacy E. Walker Official Web site

Pages updated 04/30/01
Happy Birthday Cherif! 09/15/00
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Any man can become a knight
When love becomes his living light
Whatever it takes he will do
His only thought, to rescue you
A dragon he will slay while on his own
He will battle an army all alone
He would enter the darkness where spirits gather
For without her, life would just not matter
So brave a rescue but still a man
When fate can void his master plan
He makes full use of sword and shield
Against dark knights cold hardened steel
The power of good versus the force of evil
The greater force his heart must equal
This time the enemy calls a retreat
The rescue mission is now complete
A heroes welcome she begins to prepare
Her heart has chosen no one can compare
He asks for her hand and she does agree
Her shining knight becomes her prince to be

by Lancelot