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(This was from Terry Wuschenny's Original Email, things may have changed so contact Terry, Gord or Warren for Updates and Changes)

Pass this onto whomever you can

1) Date - weekend after long weekend in August 2005

2) Hubbard Hall - holds about 100 to 130 people, no ac, fans, has a kitchen
Time from 6 pm on Friday to 6 pm on Sunday. to $200 for whole weekend.

3) Entertainment - Saturday afternoon - kid's bouncy castle (rent one for weekend), Bread / bun / pie baking contest, wine making contest, revive the East/West softball ball games in Hubbard, tours of Ituna and Homefield family sites,etc

Saturday pm - Kid' s talent show, silent auction (emphasis on historical or personal items from family) kid's silent auction,(so kids can get involved), family member from each branch of family tree to provide a history of that family branch, karoake machine and plenty of old fasioned story telling by all the elders...and the young one's too.

Group pictures, either Sat afternoon or Sunday am. Swimming pool in Ituna.Collection of data and creation of family tree to show younger generation how and where they fit in .

4) Lodging - (recommend this for 1st generaion attendees), AC in all the rooms.

Ituna Motel
- 8 x 1 Bed rooms - $45 per night, >3 nights = $41 per night, 2 people
- 4 x 2 Bed rooms - $52 per night, >3 nights = $48 per night, 3 people
there is a charge for more people per room

Ituna Regional Park - camping facilities, some serviced sites

Hubbard Hall - has room to park a few RV's close by
Ituna Hotel - some rooms for rent
Melville - has many motels at reasonable rates

5) Food and drink arrangements

Friday pm - welcome bbq - supply 3 or 4 bbqs, everyone bring your own to cook.

Saturday am - Family bkft - Family team (TBA) prepare breakfast for all. Ham & eggs or Sausages & pancakes Saturday noon - Family teams (TBA) prepare light lunch, salads, sandwiches, cold cuts,etc

Saturday pm - Either catered dinner by outside supplier (maybe Wayne/Kelly can do something here) ..... or Family team (TBA) prepares a full dinner. (Examples, roast beef, deep fried turkeys, hams) Sunday bkfst - Family team (TBA) prepares continental bkfst, fruit, cold cuts, toast and ????

Sunday afternoon lunch - clean up what is left

Certain family members who can, will be cajoled into supplying baking and goodies for sampling over the weekend

Fruit punches and mixed drinks can be made in the kitchen for kids, someone can bring a water cooler. All alcohol and pop to be supplied by attendees for your own consumption. Ice can be kept in the kitchen coolers, freezers. Convenience stores and bar are open on Sat and Sunday in Ituna, liquor store is open on Sat in Ituna.

6) Family teams(TBA) can be chosen to work together on certain meals,etc. Teams can be comprised of one in province family and one, out of province family. This way the people who have to travel do not have to bring foodstuffs and can work something out with the in province family for their share of the required meals.

7) Costs will be determined by a budget committee. Fixed per person adult and child charge will be determined to cover:

- facility rental
- sundry purchases (juice, water bottles, ice, seasonings, etc)
- entertainment cost
- all included meals. Big ticket purchased items will be remunerated to attendees. Hams, turkeys, steaks,etc.

Costs will be kept to a minimum, any donations or foodstuffs,etc will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged. Bank account will be set up to facilitate pre-payment, process payment to providers and retain any excess funds remaining.

I would like to impress one point though. I fell that if possible, the majority of the work should be carried on the backs of the 2nd and 3rd generation family members.

The 1st generation can and will be asked to provide assistance. However, I think that the 1st generation Wuschenny family children and if applicable, their children can be called upon to make this a succesful event. The best way to summarize it will be

"for those can come please do, you will have fun"
"for those who cannot, we will miss you"
"the overall goal is to make this a memorable and continuing event"

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