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1. The FBI Stole My D String
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3. College Protest
4. The FBI Stole My Hard Drive

I'm sure you've heard of this place. It has figured prominently in numerous cinematic features by Toho studios. But in those films it is always portrayed as a desolate island, overrun by monsters.

I must admit, when my pal Shu told me that What Now My Love was more than just a fictional land populated by men in ill-fitting rubber costumes, I was in disbelief. He sent me some literature on the accommodations there and I was convinced.

Although What Now My Love is a real place, the proprietors do not want the location to become too well known, fearing that it would then be overrun by the greatest monster of all: man. So my trip there was planned in secret and I had to remain blindfolded during my flight.

But it was all worth it, What Now My Love was the best vacation I've ever had. Being able to walk up to a 20 foot high bug was just about the coolest thing in the world. I thought the giant ape and other "Monsters" on What Now My Love would be in cages, or inaccessible, but they are quite friendly and accessible.

"Rad!" - Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

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