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Taiwan's Exploding Whale Website

Taiwan's first exploding sperm whale under transport.

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Thank you for visiting Taiwan's Exploding Whale Website (TEWW). In Taiwan unusual and special things often happen and this Lunar New Years holiday was certainly no disappointment for the people of Taiwan! On January 24th 2004 ---2 days into the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Monkey a very unusual thing happened. A dead whale was found on a beach in Southern Taiwan. People decided to transport it to a local University to be stuffed. It was loaded up on a large truck with the use of cranes and during transport on the road it suddenly exploded!!!
Spewing it's innards all over the surrounding area. This could be a very unauspicious sign for the entry of the Year of the Monkey but there are also those who believe it to be a plot by the communists to place negative news about Taiwan. A similar occurance in Oregon (see sister site below in links)happened some years ago , however this was engineered by humans with the use of explosives. As far as I am aware--Taiwan's Exploding Sperm Whale is the first such natural occurance--at least on land while under transport through a village. You may also read the full text story at the links below. Please enjoy this website and send any replies to the email below.


A young lady touches the beak-like mouth of the sperm whale.
Workers hoist up the whale while a police officer holds back curious on-lookers.
With a garbage truck in the background--two men view the innards of the whale which lay on the street.
From the news paper.
A worker hoses down the street after the whale literally "spilled it's guts" .
Under transport(above).Students measure the whale after it's arrival at the university(below).The whale was still intact accept for it's innards.
The whale chained down on a flatbed.Penis hanging down on right side.
Man inspects penis (above), while police block traffic (below)...some people seem not to notice the huge sperm whale on the truck!
A picture submitted by a viewer--from a local paper.A skiploader in the background works to clean up the innards.
Me-1966. My grandfather's dive helmet on the left left.
NEW!!! London's BBC reports on this story--see link below!!!
"What a stinking mess. This blood and other stuff that blew out on the road is disgusting
and the smell is really awful," said one resident.

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