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A New Dawn

Not everyone can be perfect in what they do, and in thralls case it was no different. In a desperate attempt to free the enslaved Horde as time and urgency pushed him on, he unknowingly passed a much smaller internment camp used for the slavery of tauren and orc. As time passed and history was made, an epic battle for survival ensued over the planet as the burning legion launched its devastating Assault. In the raging battle the Allied side became victorious and with it the survival of the planet was obtained. Three years had passed since the reign of chaos had been prevented, and yet still Orcs and Tauren both were held in the bondage of slavery……..

“Crack,” snapped the whip as it lashed out through the cold night air opening a previous wound from last night’s rebellion. Breathing heavy the tauren shuttered as blood and damp sweet trickled down his worn back. “Crack,” snapped the whip for a countless time as he remembered how his life had been. “Crack, ARGHHH!!!” Kilri roared in response, as another gash was re-opened. “Crack”, again he was reminded of last night’s desperate attempt for escape. “Back to your cage” yelled a human and with a snap he was caged like an animal. Again all hope had faded, again he was destined to imprisonment, again he would wake to the awful smell and sight of humans. Last night’s desperate attempt of escape had failed utterly, he had lost both of his close friends and many of his comrades. Only to be forgiven by his oppressor’s deaths. As plans of assassination and murder began to take their place within his mind, exhaustion and depression crept over his body. With his eyes shuttering, blackness swept over him as he fainted with thud on the stone cold floor of his prison cell.

With a prod of a finger Kilri was instantly on his feet again. He scanned the cold cramped prison to find his door was swung open and a Tauren was standing in the entryway. “Come on, something is wrong” said the Tauren with a motion forward. Kilri followed in pursuit. “Where are the guards and how did you escape” Kilri asked in a bewildered state. “I’m confused myself here Kilri, they were pushing me into my cell when we heard yells of help coming from outside the prison complex. With a rush of urgency they slammed the door and ran off into the general direction of the yelling, yet in their urgency they forgot to close the door all the way, and that’s when I came and got you”. “Good thinking” Responded Kilri. “The entrance to the courtyard is though that door, but this is odd, moments before this and it sounded like a battle was taking place, yet know its quiet” ushered the tauren. “We’ll I’ll be damned if I have to stay another day in this miserable place, I’m not waiting to find out” roared Kilri. “Eeerrkkk” went the old prison door as it clanked in place against the wall. With a patient pace Kilri walked up the flight of stairs with the Tauren close behind. Kilri’s eyed widened in fear as he looked over the courtyard. This was no battle it had been a massacre. Dead bodies littered the courtyard; the once green field of grass was now stained red with human blood. Across the courtyard strange curved tracks were now imprinted into the grass. “AAHHHH” a bloody scream echoed from the officer barracks. “Who the hell could of done such a thing?” mumbled the tauren behind Kilri. “No, the question is what did this, not who, but I’m not going to stay and find out, we have to get out of here now” Kilri sprinted across the field to the outlying edge of the forest, old instincts coming to mind. Reaching the nearest tree, Kilri turned back to see the Tauren run into the prison and down the flight of stairs to lock the prison door shut, “Fool, does he know what he’s doing, he will die in those prison cells.” Though the pain of losing another comrade rang clearly in his mind, he would not risk his life for the foolish act of another. With his choice decided, he turned and began to run into the dense forest.

Weeks had passed since his escape from the prison cells and he had still not come across any life. Yet on the seventeenth day Kilri could see a column of smoke rising into the clouds atop a large hill. With a drive of survival burning in his veins he ran out towards the direction of the smoke. Hours passed and he could make out a clearing ahead and could discern a few voices. Kilri could only hope it was an orc camp, for the thought of dying alone had plagued his mind since his escape. Clearing the last line of trees Kilri stumbled across a field covered with hills. Feeling a rush of relief he ran to the circle of orc and tauren. Stumbling from exhaustion of the seventeen-day travel and still recovering from his brutal experience in the interment camps, he fell face first in front of the circle lacking the strength to get up. Kilri Felt hands grab his arms and lift him up to chest level so he could stand. He lifted his face and meeted the eyes of the Tauren and orcs who were helping him, his eyes also glanced the WoS lettering imprinted over their armor and wondered what this could mean. A new strength settled over Kilri’s body as a nearby shaman caste rejuvenation. He took his stance and steadied himself and asked a simple question, “Who are you”? “We are the Warriors of StrangleThorn” replied a bulky orc. As the dull pain from previous scars settled over his body, he new there would be a better tomorrow; Kilri Warmonger had found the home he belonged to. That night he fell asleep fast resting with the assurance that there would be a tomorrow morning without the smell and sight of humans, and there would be his chance to repay the debts the humans owed him, Tomorrow would be a New Dawn

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