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From Users (Women wearing Tight Jeans)

I have 1 M more of available space for user pictures now!
Send me pictures of women wearing really tight jeans or trousers, any material. No loose ripped jeans please.

Special thanks to the contributor of the following very sexy series. I hope we'll here more from you. 14 is my fav.

Also special thanks to Arianna and Avia who model in these pictures. Please send encouraging comments to me and I'll forward them to Arianna and Avia. I hope we'll see more pics of them in the future.

Other recent contributions. Keep them coming, please.

The following excellent set of pictures is also all from one contributor. A big thank you.

The following 6 pictures are copyrighted. They are free to download for personal use, but not to be republished.

Please, send me an e-mail


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