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The Wide World of Sports
This site is a compilation of my opinions about sports. I have a column on fantasy sports, as well as links to hot sports rumors. I will also have my own predictions once in a while.

The future is now for the National Basketball Association. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony played against each other in high school, both part of great NBA teams. Anthony, after leading Syrcacuse University to the NCAA championship last year is now trying to lead a turnaround with the Denver Nuggets. The story is a similar one for LeBron James. Fresh out of high school, the 6 foot 8 inch, 240 pound phenom is ready to take the world by storm.

Prediction: James will have a much better career than Anthony. When they played in high school, LeBron dominated Carmelo. The only thing is James is a year younger than Anthony. Both will be good, but James will be hall of fame good, being one of the best players of all time.

The World Series is over, marking the end of the baseball season. Now the real fun begins. For my favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the offseason caps off a dissapointing season where they failed to reach the playoffs for the seventh consecutive season. Some big news: the Dodgers have been sold to Boston developer Frank McCourt. McCourt is still awaiting approval from the Major League owners on the sale from News Corp., parent company of 20th Century Fox, to him. The selling price for the Dodgers: $430 million.

McCourt will be approved as owner of the Dodgers. At which time, he will fire current Dodgers general manager Dan Evans and hire Oakland A's GM Billy Beane to replace him. With Beane at the helm, the Dodgers will seek to sign either A's shortstop Miguel Tejada or Montreal Expo's right fielder Vladimir Guererro.

In the world of college football, it appears as if Oklahoma and Souther Cal are on the fast track to play each other in the Nokia Sugar Bowl in the BCS championship game. Both teams are rolling right now. For Oklahoma, their defense is again stifling, but this year they have an explosive offense led by senior quarterback Jason White. USC has one of the fastest teams in the country, perhaps only second to Miami. Coach Pete Carrol has led a remarkable turnaround with stars on defense like juniors Matt Groetegoed and Shaun Cody. On offense, the Trojans have barely skipped a beat after losing Heisman winner Carson Palmer. Matt Leinart has fit in beautifully and is leading the Pac-10s best and most well balanced offense.

USC will win the national championship. As hard it is for me to say it, me being a lifelong UCLA fan, USC has the talent, the coaching, and the balance run the table the rest of the way on the road to the first national championship for the Pac-10 in fourteen years.

Fantasy Basketball
My sleeper picks of the year:
- Carlos Arroyo/Raul Lopez - The point guard tandem for the Utah Jazz should be 
   productive. Lopez was picked by the Jazz in 2001, over Spurs star Tony Parker
- Alonzo Mourning - The former all-star will benefit from playing with Jason Kidd. Look
  for him to be productive in rebounding and blocking shots.
- Jamal Crawford - The fourth year Bulls point guard is finally coming into his own. Look
  for him to have a monster year now that he is the undisputed point guard.

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