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Warning: This article may be emotionally hard to read.

Tammy's murderer gets 21 years

*Ricardo Dominguez Arias was sentenced; he used a concrete block to crush Tammy Kay Jenkins' head last June while under the influence of cocaine and alcohol
By Yolanda Gutierrez
ISLA MUJERES, November 28. Ricardo Dominguez was sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment and 30 thousand pesos, reported Judge Felipe de Jesus Solis Magaņa. He murdered Tammy Jenkins under the influence of cocaine and alcohol.
On July 13, Julio Dominguez Arias broke into the foreigner's apartment, located on the second floor of the Marina Paraiso. There he found the 46 year old woman asleep whom he murdered by dealing her 2 blows to the head with a concrete block.
Tammy Jenkins experienced major trauma to the head and face that caused internal and external bleeding, this caused her instantaneous death.
The criminal was captured on July 18, 2003 thanks to the collaboration of two waitresses of the Casablanca bar, where Ricardo Arias spent several hours drinking alcohol and consuming two bags of cocaine. This combination caused him to loose touch with reality and made it easier for him to enter the Marina Paraiso with the intent to rob. However, when he saw Tammy Jenkins sleeping in her apartment, he took the decision to end her life to be able to rob her belongings.
Felipe de Jesus Magaņa stated that after careful review of penal case 30/2003 and after studying all the evidence, the final resolution was a 21 year sentence for Ricardo Dominguez Arias, guilty of the crime of qualified murder.
He also explained that Arias will have to pay as reparation for the material damage the amount of 31 thousand 600 pesos to Heather Marie Jenkins, daughter of the deceased. Arias was not found responsible for reparation for moral damage.
If Dominguez Arias does not agree with the sentence, he has five day to file an appeal. If the appeal is filed, the case will be returned to the District Court in Cancun to be sent to the municipal prison. If the appeal is not filed, he will be sent to the Cereso Chetumal facility to serve his sentence.
Solis Magaņa declared that according to the law, the mandated sentence for qualified homicide is 12 to 30 years of prison. Ricardo Dominguez was sentenced to 21 years because the lack of a criminal history served as a mitigating factor